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Rusty's XJ Cherokee Long Arm Upgrade - SALE!



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For a limited time only, save $100 on this kit! Normally $790!

XJ Cherokee Long Arm Upgrade Component Box   +$690.00
Rusty's Long Arm Upper Front Control Arms (XJ,TJ,ZJ)   +$0.00
Rusty's Crossmember- Long Travel Crossmember & Frame Mounts (XJ)   +$0.00
Rusty's Subframe Bracket, XJ, Left Outer   +$0.00
Rusty's Subframe Bracket, XJ, Right Outer   +$0.00
Rusty's Subframe Bracket, XJ, Left or Right Inner   +$0.00

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CLICK HERE to see this product installed and tested on Trucks!, Xtreme 4x4 or Gearz TV!

The new Rusty's Off Road long travel suspension is going to be tough to beat! It takes you places other vehicles can't go; over logs, big boulders or over just about anything else on the trail. We have applied race technology and over 4 years of research and development to deliver a suspension system with enough articulation to keep your rig firmly planted even over the most radical terrain.

The system starts with new radius-style control arms that are completely adjustable, both the long lower arm as well as the upper link. The arms utilize factory rubber control arm bushings to ensure that no noise or vibrations are transmitted through the unibody. The arms are constructed of 2" diameter D.O.M. tubing, so go ahead and bash them against rocks and ledges because they can take the abuse and keep right on going!

The new control arms bolt to a new 3/16" thick steel, laser cut crossmember that is surrounded by Rusty's frame reinforcement brackets. The 3/16" laser cut reinforcement brackets are located both on the outside and the inside of the unibody and basically sandwich it, tying the unibody and the new crossmember together as one solid unit. This design distributes the extreme loads from the suspension over a much larger area of the unibody and assures many years of extreme four-wheeling without any structural damage to the unibody. The crossmember's design does not reduce ground clearance and also drops the transfer case relieve driveline angles. Our optional Transfer Case Skid Plate can be easily added for further protection and support.

Due to the thinness of the Jeep unibody, we've designed our long-arm kits to be completely bolt-on with the exception os the rear spring perches, which must be welded to the axle on the MJ. Although it is possible to weld to the unibody, the longevity of the weld in questionable. The unibody is only 16 guage (.060 in.) and the heat of a weld stresses the thin metal. Even though the weld itself may not crack, the unibody around it may. While the unibody is welded from the factory, this was done with precision robotically-controlled welders with heat sensors to create welds that were much more precise than even the most skilled human welder. Our bolt-on systems are not only more durable than a weld-on system due to the extensive reinforcement involved, but they are also much easier to install. Our clamped/sleeved mounting system uses 1" x3/16" thick tubes through the unibody, which creates a larger surface area that distributes stresses over a larger area than a weld-on installation. In addition, we use adjustable control arms that not only allow easy caster adjustment but also incorporate pivot points designed for suspension flex, which further eliminates stress on the unibody mounts.

Rusty's Long Arm Upgrade kit is designed for individuals who already have the amount of lift they need and simply want to upgrade their control arms to a long-arm system. Works with all brands of suspension kits.

For '87-'89 XJ Cherokees with the manual transmissions, most used a Peugot transmission. You will simply need to drill holes to match the Peugot using the mount as a template. When ordering, please indicate which tranmission you have in the 'Notes' section.

• HD cross member
• Adjustable long arms (pair)
• Adjustable radius arms (pair)
• Frame reinforcement (inner & outer) brackets
• Hardware Kit
• Flex Joint Wrench
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