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Borgeson Jeep CJ - Shaft Assembly - Manual Steering with Vibration Reducer Upgrade ('76-'86)


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Jeep CJ - Shaft Assembly - Manual Steering with Vibration Reducer Upgrade ('76-'86)


1976-1986 Jeep CJ heavy duty telescopic steel steering shaft. Connects from factory column to steering box. For Jeeps with manual steering. Includes vibration reducer upgrade.

All Borgeson truck Shafts are backed by a 5 Year, unlimited milage warranty.

Jeep’s original steering shaft assembly was not designed for the added stress of body lift kits and oversized tires. Either of these can cause premature wear of the steering shaft assembly. Borgeson has developed a replacement assembly with two precision needle bearing u-joints and a telescoping shaft. The telescoping shaft adds a measure of safety to the steering system. The original CJ steering system never had a vibration reducing device between the steering box and the column so a lot of road shock and vibration was transmitted up the shaft to the steering wheel. The Borgeson upgraded assembly includes a vibration reducer to dampen the road shock before it reaches the steering wheel and your hands.

Off-roading, oversize tires, plowing, or any severe use will accelerate wear in the shaft which can cause loose, sloppy steering. Our shaft upgrade uses the same precision needle bearing u-joints we use in all our truck assemblies, offers zero radial play and will accommodate a body lift.

All the Jeep CJ and Wrangler shaft assemblies are easy to install with common hand tools and about a half hour of your time. After installation, you will notice a tighter, more responsive steering that puts both safety and fun back into your Jeep.