PSC Manual-To-Power Steering Conversion Kit for '72-'75 Jeep CJ


  • Brand: PSC Steering
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  • Part Number: SKEC150

  • Expected time to ship, 7-10 business days

Update your 1972-75 Jeep CJ with Manual Steering to Power Steering with this Conversion Kit.

Brackets (from a vehicle equipped with power steering or custom aftermarket like this example from Bulltear) and a crankshaft pulley add-on are required for a successful conversion and are NOT included with this kit. 



1972-75 Jeep CJ with Manual Steering


  • SG062 Power Steering Gearbox with Pitman Arm
  • SP1402 Power Steering Pump
  • High Pressure Hose Assembly
  • Low Pressure Fitting and Hose
  • Telescopic Steering Column Shaft
  • SWEPCO 715 Power Steering Fluid