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2004 Moab Easter Jeep Safari

Tuesday, April 6, 2004
We're back from another great Jeep Safari. We'd like to thank all of you that stopped by to see us at the arena. It's always nice to meet Rusty's Offroad supporters.

Although we were kept pretty busy in the arena we weren't about the miss another opportunity to do some trail testing in Moab. After all, 'Trail Tested Tough' really stands for something at Rusty's Off-road.

Wednesday evening we took the shop XJ out along with another XJ owned by our web guy, Scott. The sun was just setting as we rolled up to the Steel Bender trailhead. Overall the trail was a nice drive with a few rocky climbs and some minor stream crossings. Since we ran the trail at night we didn't get a chance to really enjoy the scenery. The numerous ledges varied in sizes but nothing that really challenged the XJs. Both are running the 8" long-arm kit but the shop XJ has 37" tires while Scott's XJ is still running the 33" MTs. We ran the triail from North to South. Hopefully next year we can run it the other direction. There was one ledge that seemed to be about 4' that we'd like to try climbing up. We'll have to see.

Friday we took the shop rig out to see what it could really do. Scott decided to leave his rig at the arena so he could get some good shots for us. We first headed out to Cliffhanger just to get some good flex shots right at the trail head. Eli was driving the rig and did his best to get it all crossed up. We've pretty much gutted the back of the XJ so it's pretty light. The backend no longer has the rear hatch, gas tank or gas tank skid. We've cutout about everything we can and all that's left is our fuel cell and the shocks. Needless to say, the lack of weight in the back keeps from flexing too much. You can see from the photos that we did OK.

After the Cliffhanger photo shoot we decided to head over to Pritchett Canyon to see what this 5 rated trail was really like. After the initial drop-off the trail seemed much milder than we expected. There was quite a bit of traffic so we didn't get too far into the trail before we ran into groups of rigs blocking the trail. We waited around for a while but then decided to turn back get back to the arena. From what we saw, Pritchett had some really fun obstacles, most of which had a few different difficult options.

We've included a few photos for you to take a look at. Maybe next year we can plan a Rusty's Offroad Run in Moab. It's always great to see the photos of those rigs that are running our parts and we do like to meet everyone but we'd really like to get a group together and get out there and wheel. That's why we make our parts 'Trail Tested Tough!'

Thanks again for those that stopped by our booth. We hope to see you and many more next year.

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