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2011 TORC Race - Charlotte Motor Speedway

Saturday, July 23, 2011
This is the first time the TORC series of off road racing has come to Nascar country. So we decided we needed to be there, what could be better, off road racing at Charlotte Motor Speedway. After getting into Charlotte a little early we knew there was a lot to see so I decided to go by Robby Gordon’s shop, I had not seen the new shop so we headed that way. Robby wasn’t in but the guys in the shop could not have been nicer. They where busy getting ready for Indy but had plenty of time to show us around. One of the guys there told us about the open house at Yates Engines so we made a quick trip over there, where they had a car show and open house. One races shop after another, across the street was Rusty Wallace Racing, next door was Red Bull racing and beside them was Impact-Mastercraft Safety. So we headed back to see our friends from Mastercraft Safety, Robbie Peirce had made the trip from the west coast to race in the evening races. Unfortunately the driveshaft broke and it made a short night of racing. I would like to thank Robbie and Kelli for inviting us into their hospitality tent and for a great evening. It’s so great having friends to do business with.

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