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Dynatrac ProRock 44 Unlimited Axlehousing - Front - JK (Aftermarket Locker)


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Dynatrac ProRock 44 Unlimited Axlehousing - Front - JK (Aftermarket Locker)


This listing consists of the bare axlehousing and Dynatrac differential cover only. It is machined to accommodate conventional (non-factory) lockers and differentials. For an axle that will accept the factory electric locker used in Rubicon JK Wranglers and Unlimiteds, please see part # JK44-1X3010-G. Call us to discuss gearing, locker, and upgraded axle options.

If there's one name that is synonymous with bulletproof axles, it's Dynatrac. Rusty's has now teamed up with this legendary axle builder to offer new upgraded axle combinations for a variety of different Jeep platforms! Purchase the bare housing to upgrade your JK axles at home, or choose from a variety of gear and locker combinations and let us do the hard work of setting up the gears for you! Our new Dynatrac axle program is designed to accommodate all different skill levels and budgets!

If you always wished for a set of ProRocks under your 4x4 but thought that the ProRock 60® was too much for your needs, your wish has finally been granted. The new ProRock 44 Unlimited has all of the same benefits as the 60, but in a smaller and lighter package that is designed to fit your Jeep TJ or JK like a glove.

Though Dynatrac has had the ProRock 44 for some time now, the ProRock 44™ Unlimited was designed specifically for lifted JKs. The Unlimited has added steering caster engineered in to retain proper steering angles on JKs lifted 2.5” to 6”. The shock mounts are also moved to provide better shock-to-frame clearance under full articulation.

For the non ’Rubi owner, you can build it to meet your demands with your choice of gearing, differential and inner axle shafts. You’ll also be able to retain your factory brakes, knuckles and outer axle shafts.

  • • Made in the USA – Dynatrac's American-made quality and warranty is standard equipment on all ProRock 44™ housings and assemblies.
  • • Dynatrac ProRock high ground clearance design (Patented), with big 3" diameter, 0.5" thick wall tubing. Did you know that stock JK Dana 44 front axles only have 2.5” x .25” wall tubing?
  • • The ProRock 44™ is a high-pinion Dana 44 replacement housing designed to capitalize on the advantages of the stronger “Next Generation” Dana 44 ring & pinion. Fact - High pinion gears and housings are stronger than their low-pinion counterparts when installed in a front driving axle application. The Next Generation Dana 44 gear set has a larger ring gear and a larger pinion shaft than previous Dana 44s.
  • • Each housing also includes Dynatrac’s new Pro44 end forging which is much stronger than stock and very important for running big tires. They will maintain proper wheel camber even under severe use. This is a actual steel forging made in the USA, not an imported casting like the other guys.
  • • Extreme-duty, steel suspension brackets are 50% thicker and much stronger than stock brackets. All are computer designed and CNC manufactured in the USA.

  • • Saves you money! The new ProRock 44™ has big improvements in strength and ground clearance, but lets you re-use your stock or aftermarket JK Dana 44F internal parts, and your JK wheel ends and brakes.
  • • Go anywhere! Highest ground clearance of any Dana 44 axle, with the added rigidity needed for bigger tires and off-road use.
  • • JK owners can finally say good-bye to bent front housings for good! No welding, No hammering, No grinding! This is not a welded-up and braced housing. It is a new housing designed from the ground-up to handle tough trails, big tires and loaded Jeeps.
  • • Easy to install – Fits perfectly and bolts into your stock or lifted JK. No grinding or welding required.
  • • Legendary ProRock durability for your Jeep vehicle gives you Confidence to Explore®
  • • Made-in-USA – Quality and first class workmanship throughout. This is not another one of those imported, buyer-beware housings. It’s all made right here in the USA by your fellow American citizens. If you are looking at a competitors product that doesn’t say Made-in-USA, it’s because it probably isn’t.

  • • Complete custom ProRock 44™ front axle housing with 12 month limited warranty
  • • Custom machined Dynatrac high ground clearance, high pinion (reverse-cut) heavy duty nodular iron housing
  • • Axle width 65.5” (stock JK) when outfitted w/stock wheel ends
  • • Standard housing geometry, pinion angle, and wheel alignment for customer’s suspension
  • • Uses Next-Gen JK ring and pinion. The Next-Gen design features a ring and pinion much stronger than Dana 44’s built prior to 2007.
  • • Dynatrac Pro Series nodular iron differential cover
  • • Dynatrac Jeep coil spring bracket set (Includes heavy duty brackets and installation, trac bar bracket & shock mounts included)
  • • Heavy Duty 3.0” X .5”(1/2”) wall DOM housing tube assemblies
  • • Dynatrac Pro Series extra strength end forgings w/ball joints installed
  • • Detailed and painted Dynatrac’s signature gloss black