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Genuine Spicer Dana 35 1330-Series Axle Yoke


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Genuine Spicer Dana 35 1330-Series Axle Yoke


Some Jeep Wrangler YJs used an "unusual" 1330-series rear axle yoke, while most other YJs and all other Jeep Dana 35 applications used a more common 1310-series yoke. If you have a 1330-series yoke and need a replacement, this is what you need. Note that if you are changing the driveshaft we strongly recommend converting to the much more common 1310-series, even though it is nominally weaker, mostly due to parts availability. Note that we are limited to stock on hand as this yoke has been discontinued by Spicer.

If parts availability and in-field repairs are a priority, it is better going with 1310-Series, such as our Heavy-Duty Dana 35 Yoke.