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Yukon Super Joint for Dana 30 and Dana 44 (Single Joint)


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Heavy-duty axle front axle joint for Dana 30 and Dana 44 axles. Replaces conventional 5-760X / 5-297X Spicer U-joints. This will NOT fit axles equipped with smaller 5-260X joints such as those used in non-ABS YJs and many XJ Cherokees. Also fits GM 10-bolt front axles. One single joint ONLY.

Yukon Super Joints are a major upgrade over conventional Spicer U-joints used in the front axle of most popular Jeep Dana 30 and Dana 44 applications. Instead of needle bearings that crush and break under the pressure of lockers and larger diameter tires, these joints feature specially treated cap and cross surfaces that eliminate the need for needle bearings. Further, these U-joint caps are retained by full circle snap rings rather than the conventional C-shaped clips that have a tendency to pop off. Note that aftermarket chromoly axleshafts or custom machining of stock axleshafts will be needed in order to utilize the full-circle snap rings. If you're off-roading tends to be on the extreme end of the spectrum or you are tired of replacing axleshafts due to dailed axle joints, Yukon Super Joints are the solution.

Please note that these joints are NOT recommended for daily drivers or vehicles that spend time on the street without mechanical locking hubs that disconnect the front axleshafts from the wheel hubs while on the street. We only recommend that these joint be used on trail rigs or those equipped with a hub conversion. Also note that these axle joints require frequent maintenance (greasing) in order to ensure longevity.