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Rusty's Hood Louver Kit - TJ / LJ Wrangler


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Rusty's Hood Louver Kit - TJ / LJ Wrangler


Fits 2003-2006 TJ Wrangler and LJ Unlimited.

Keeping Jeeps cool on the trail is always a challenge, and going off-roading on a hot day can lead to problems. Many Jeeps experience higher-than-normal engine temps crawling slow over rocks and in the forest, and with a V-8 swap, the problem is even more pronounced. The engine compartment has no ventilation, so there's no way for heat from the engine has no way to escape. Rusty's Hood Louver Kit allows the heat to rise from the engine compartment and escape through the louvers. We have seen temperatures drop as much as 20 degrees with this simple and stylish modification.

Whether you're fighting an overheating problem, wanting to cover up some hood damage, or simply want a different look, The Rusty's Hood Louvers are a great solution. The louvered panel comes powder coated in satin black and includes black aluminum rivets. Installation is a breeze; we send a nice template that makes it easy to trim out the holes for the hood vents.

Installation Instructions