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Rusty's XJ Steering Box Mount / Brace Combo


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Rusty's XJ Steering Box Mount / Brace Combo


Buy this XJ steering box mount and brace together and save!

This combo is for the 1987 to 2001 4.0L six-cylinder ONLY. It will not fit the four- cylinder engine or the older 2.8L V-6.

Rusty's Steering Box Spacer replaces the factory cast aluminum spacer. Because the factory piece is made of aluminum, it can crack and break over time, which in turn can damage the unibody. If you go four-wheeling, you need this spacer! The Rusty's Steering Box Spacer is constructed of 3/16" laser-cut steel and is an exact replacement for the failure-prone factory piece. It comes in a durable powdercoated finish. When installing this spacer, inspect the unibody carefully for signs of wear or cracking.

If you own a Cherokee with 31" or bigger tires, our steering box brace is a must! We constantly get calls from customers asking, "How can I repair my Cherokee's unibody frame?" Well, the best thing to do is prevent the problem from ever happening in the first place with a steering box brace. Rusty's Steering Box Brace clamps to the steering box and a tubular support bracket bolts to the passenger side of the frame. Installation is easy with only minor drilling required. The brace comes in a black powder coated finish and includes all the necessary hardware.

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