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Rusty's KJ Liberty 2.5" Strut Spacer Lift Kit ('02-'07)


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Rusty's KJ Liberty 2.5" Strut Spacer Lift Kit ('02-'07)

KJ Liberty 2.5" Strut Spacer Lift Kit ('02-'06) Component Box   +$159.00

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The 2.5" strut spacer kit is the most popular KJ kit that Rusty's has introduced; it combines performance and excellent ride quality in a very affordable package. This kit has been real-world tested and is widely used by new car dealers. This kit enables you to retain the stock ride while getting the clearance needed to run larger tires.

Rusty's front strut spacers are constructed of 3/16" thick laser-cut steel and have a black powder coated finish. The spacers bolt on to the top of the factory strut (between the strut and its upper mounting point). In the rear, a poly coil spring spacer is positioned below the factory coil spring. To get the best ride and flex, Rusty's recommends adding a pair of Hydro performance shocks.

The kit will allow clearance for a 31" tall tire. Installation time is approximately 3-4 hours but will vary with experience. Also note it is important to get an alignment after the lift is installed. The camber, caster and toe should all be set back to factory specifications.

• Front Strut Spacers
• Rear Coil Spring Spacers

Installation Instructions