Rusty's Offset Tie Rod Steering System - ZJ Grand Cherokee


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  • Part Number: RS-SC350-ZJ

This steering conversion is a variation of our popular Rusty's Tie Rod Steering System (Part# RS-SC250-UV) but is designed to address clearance problems between the tie rod and the differential cover. If you've swapped in a larger axle or have a heavy-duty aftermarket differential cover, this steering conversion is for you! Like the rest of our steering components, we build the system right here in our shop so you can be sure you're buying quality components.

Whether you've swapped in a larger axle or simply added a heavy-duty aftermarket differential cover and are having issues with the steering tie rod making contact with the differential cover, Rusty's Offset Steering Conversion is the solution! Rusty's Offset Steering Conversion is a complete steering system that replaces the factory "Y-design" with a more traditional wheel-to-wheel tie-rod and a drag link. This system also uses special offset tie rod ends that space the tie rod farther away from the differential cover, gaining valuable clearance that is needed on many custom applications. These special tie rod ends are built to Rusty's specifications and are a Rusty's exclusive! This system is also completely bolt-on; no drilling or reaming is required. It is as simple as removing the factory system and bolting the new Rusty's system in its place!

Rusty's tie-rod is constructed of 1.5" solid steel that has been CNC machined, which offers incredible strength and durability. The drag link is constructed of 1.5" x 0.375" DOM tubing. The steering conversion components are e-coated and then powder coated for a clean show-quality look that has exceptional durability. The Rusty's offset tie rod ends s feature the factory taper and diameter to fit the factory knuckles, yet feature the same inner ball and forgings that are seen on 1-ton tie rod ends.


Fitment Note: 15" factory and aftermarket wheels with factory backspacing will not work with this system! All 15" wheels must have a maximum of 4.5" backspacing; anything deeper will interfere with the steering. We recommend a 15x8 wheel with no more than 4.5" backspacing. All 16" and larger aftermarket wheels with 4.5" or less will not interfere.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This steering system CAN NOT be used with over-the-knuckle conversions. This kit is designed for vehicles with 0"- 5" of lift, anything higher we would suggest the Rusty's Over-the-Knuckle Steering System (Part # RS-SC300-UV).


• Tie Rod (1.5" CNC machined solid steel)
• Drag Link (1.5" x 0.375-wall DOM)
• Steering Stabilizer Mount
• Tie Rod Ends (2)
• Drag Link Ends (2)
• Jam Nuts


Tie Rod Bar Replacement Tie Rod End Parts

(Qty:1) Part # 52007100R (Right Hand Thread) Used on Driver Side

(Qty:1) Part # 52007100L  (Left Hand Thread) Used on Passenger Side

(Qty:2) Rusty's Tie Rod End Wiper Seal - Delrin (Part# RS-WS33-OS)

Drag Link Bar Replacement Tie Rod End Parts

(Qty:1) Part #  52005739R / (Right Hand Thread) Used on Passenger Side

(Qty:1) Part #  52005739L / (Left Hand Thread) Used on Driver

Complete Replacement Parts Package

Part # RS-SC350-PARTS

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