PIAA 520 ATP Xtreme White Plus Halogen Lamp Kit


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The PIAA 520 ATP (All-Terrain Pattern) is powered by PIAA's proprietary ATP technology that delivers a beam with the perfect combination of height, width and distance. This lamp is designed with a 12-volt Xtreme white H3 85-watt comparable 135-watt bulb.

The ultimate off road pattern, PIAA's ATP delivers a beam with the perfect combination of height, width, and distance. When PIAA came out with the off-road oriented 510 ATP the response was overwhelming. However some riders felt they could use a bigger light with more power and the same proprietary ATP (All-Terrain Pattern) Technology. It provides a pattern much better for off-road use than a standard fog or driving light. The 520 ATP can also be used as a long range driving light with the benefits of illuminating the sides of the road. This light is perfect for your truck and SUV and is quickly becoming popular among off-road racers as well. The rotatable lens and trim ring allows the lamps to mount up or down.

  • Made with "Xtra" Technology
  • PIAAs Proprietary ATP Technology
  • The Ultimate For Off Road Lighting
  • H3 85w=135w Xtreme White Halogen Bulb

  • Two lamps
  • Wiring harness
  • Relay
  • Switch
  • Installation Instructions

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