Rusty's WJ Grand Cherokee 4.5" Advanced Kit


  • Brand: Rusty's Off Road Products
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Part Number: RK-405A-WJ-RX1-D35

The Rusty’s 4.5" Advanced Kit for 99-04 Grand Cherokees is the most complete kit in the industry!

WJ’s have a different handling characteristics than other Jeep vehicles and it is important to understand the suspension's unique traits in order to enhance its off-road capability without making a mess of on-road driveability. The Rusty’s kit comes with multi-hole upper control arms and adjustable lower control arms for the front; these allow proper adjustments to the wheel base as well as caster. In the rear, a set of extended rear lower arms is combined with our 3 link spacer to correct the wheel base and the rear pinion angle. Without all of these components, ride and handling will suffer.

Rusty’s includes an adjustable track bar to center the front axle under the body; no wimpy brackets that can break and cause problems! Rusty's own front quick-disconnects and extended-length rear sway bar links ensure the anti-sway bars work properly with the lift system, while a Rusty’s drop pitman arm corrects the steering. A lot of time and effort were put into the design of the front and rear coil springs, which we feel provide the perfect spring rate for both on- and off-road driving. These springs are also proudly Made in the USA! Last but certainly not least, Rusty's includes a complete set of Hydro Performance shocks that provide excellent ride characteristics while having sufficient length to keep the tires firmly in contact with the ground regardless of the terrain.

Rusty’s Advanced kit is the most complete lift system on the market, period! Others claim “complete” kits; be sure to compare what is included in our kit versus what comes in theirs. If you do your homework, we feel sure you will find the Rusty’s Advances System superior to any other kit on the market!

The Red WJ shown above is running 33x12.5x17 Mickey Thompson Claws. The white WJ shown above is running 33x11.50-R16 Nitto Mud Grapplers tires.


  • 4.5" Front Coil Springs
  • 4.5" Rear Coil Springs
  • Drop Pitman Arm
  • Front Adjustable Track Bar
  • Rusty's Sway Bar Quick Disconnects
  • Upper Control Arms
  • Adjustable Front Lower Control Arms
  • Rear Lower Control Arms
  • Rear 3-Link Spacer
  • Extended Rear Sway Bar Links
  • Front Rusty's Hydro Performance Shocks
  • Rear Rusty's Hydro Performance Shocks

IMPORTANT NOTE: The WJ Grand Cherokee comes with several different styles of driveshafts. Some come with a standard CV (constant velocity) joint at the transfer case and a U-joint at the axle; this is good and if this is what your Jeep has because you don’t have to change anything. Others come with a CV at the transfer case and a Rezeppa type joint at the axle. If the front driveshaft is this style and you are lifting it, you will need to purchase our WJ Driveshaft Conversion part # RD-DS01-UV. There are also some WJ’s with a Rezeppa at both ends of the driveshaft; if your vehicle has this style you will need to buy the Rusty’s Driveshaft Conversion as well as the optional transfer case yoke. All of these driveshaft conversions and parts can be found on Rusty’s Driveline Page.

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