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Rusty's JK Wrangler 3.25" Advanced Kit


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Rusty's JK Wrangler 3.25" Advanced Kit

JK Wrangler 3.25" Advanced Kit Component Box   +$1,450.00
Rusty's Coil - ROR380   +$0.00
Rusty's Coil - ROR390   +$0.00
Rusty's Front Control Arm System - JK Wrangler   +$0.00
Rusty's Adjustable Rear Lower Control Arms w/ Forged Rubber Ends (JK)   +$0.00
Rusty's Track Bar - Adjustable Front (JK)   +$0.00
Rusty's Track Bar - Adjustable Rear (JK)   +$0.00

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Rusty's JK Advanced Kit is our highly successful 3.25" JK basic kit with all the bells and whistles! Designed using 3-D computer modeling and subjected to severe testing in the field, this kit offers factory ride and handling with the off-road performance you desire. This kit easily clears 35 inch tall tires and is completely bolt-on, making it ideal for shadetree mechanics.

The Rusty's JK Advanced Kit comes with a complete set of replacement front and rear coil springs that are designed to maintain the excellent ride you're accustomed to while delivering substantially better off-road performance. The axles are properly centered under the frame with our front and rear adjustable track bars. Unlike many other systems, we avoid using wimpy brackets that break or over-stress the factory brackets on the axles due to additional leverage. The front axle is held in place by Rusty's front control arm system for proper camber and wheelbase adjustments, while adjustable lower arms are included for the rear to dial-in driveline angles. Rusty's standard (non-Rubicon) kits even include Rusty's sway bar quick-disconnects for additional off-road performance! Extended-length stainless steel brake lines are also included that provide the length necessary to accommodate the additional flex and suspension travel that this kit provides. Rusty's Hydro shocks round out this complete and very capable package.

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