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Rusty's LJ UNLIMITED 5.5" Long Travel Kit (LWB ONLY)


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Rusty's LJ UNLIMITED 5.5" Long Travel Kit (LWB ONLY)

LJ Unlimited 5.5" Long Travel Kit Component Box   +$2,100.00
Rusty's Coil - ROR808   +$0.00
Rusty's Track Bar - Adjustable Front HD Track Bar - 4"+ Inch Lift (XJ, ZJ), 4"+ (TJ)   +$0.00
Rusty's Coil - ROR403   +$0.00
Rusty's Track Bar - Adjustable Rear (TJ) (2" +)   +$0.00
Rusty's Long Arm Upper Front Control Arms (LJ)   +$0.00
Rusty's Long Arm Upper Rear Control Arm (LJ)   +$0.00
Rusty's TJ Subframe Assembly - Left   +$0.00
Rusty's TJ Subframe Assembly - Right   +$0.00

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Please note that this kit fits the LJ Unlimited ONLY. It does not fit the standard (short wheelbase) TJ Wrangler.

Product Spotlight Video

It simply doesn't get any better than Rusty's 5.5" LJ long travel suspension kit! It takes you places other vehicles can't go; over logs, big boulders, or just about anything else on the trail. We have applied race technology and years of research and development to deliver a suspension system with enough articulation to keep your rig firmly planted even over the most radical terrain. This system is the answer for those who demand nothing less than bulletproof off-road performance!

The system starts with Rusty's proven 5.5" front and rear coil springs, heavy-duty adjustable front and rear track bars, brake lines, sway bar links, shocks, and other related components (see the component list below). The real fun begins with new radius-style control arms that are completely adjustable, both the long lower arm as well as the upper link. The arms utilize Clevite factory rubber control arm bushings at one end to ensure that no noise or vibrations are transmitted through the unibody and at the other end Rusty's rebuildable Flex Joints for superior flex and articulation. The arms are constructed of 2" diameter D.O.M. tubing, so go ahead and bash them against rocks and ledges because they can take the abuse and keep right on going!

The front radius-style control arms and the rear control arms bolt to completely new 1/4" thick steel brackets that have been laser-cut and CNC formed for a precision fit. These brackets sandwich the frame and are secured with additional hardware positioned through the frame for additional strength. To top things off and provide protection as well as additional ground clearance, the weak stamped steel factory crossmember is replaced with Rusty's 1/4" inch thick steel "skinny up" belly pan. The belly pan provides total protection to the transfer case while tying the long arm suspension mounting points together as one solid assembly. The complete kit comes in a durable black powder coated finish.

When lifting the Jeep TJ 3.5" or more, Rusty's highly recommends installing an Advance Adapters SYE (Slip Yoke Eliminator ) kit to prevent driveline vibrations. This kit provides additional driveshaft length along with provisions to run a CV (Constant Velocity) joint at the transfer case. These kits are available for the NP231 transfer case that comes standard on non-Rubicon TJs. Rusty's also has a combo kit that includes the STE kit and a CV driveshaft bult by Tom Woods Driveline. Some modification to the exhaust if equipped with stock muffler.

• Front 5.5" Coil Springs
• Rear 5.5" Coil Springs
• Long-Arm Belly Pan
• Lower Front Long Arms
• Upper Front Long Arms
• Lower Rear Long Arms
• Upper Rear Long Arms
• Long Arm Mounting Brackets
• Flex Joint Wrench
• HD Adjustable Front Track Bar and Frame Mount
• HD Adjustable Rear Track Bar
• 1.25" Drop Pitman Arm
• Front Sway Bar Disconnects
• Rear Extended Sway Bar Links
• Front and Rear Stainless Steel Brake Lines
• Front Hydro Performance Shocks
• Rear Hydro Performance Shocks

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