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Rusty's ZJ Grand Cherokee 5.5" Advanced Kit


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Rusty's ZJ Grand Cherokee 5.5" Advanced Kit

ZJ Grand Cherokee 5.5" Advanced Kit Component Box   +$1,350.00
Rusty's Coil - ROR808   +$0.00
Rusty's Coil - ROR305 - Heavy-Duty   +$0.00
Rusty's Track Bar - Adjustable Front HD Track Bar 5-8" Lift (XJ, ZJ)   +$0.00
Rusty's Track Bar - Adjustable Rear (ZJ)   +$0.00

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Rusty's 5.5" Advanced kit is the most complete short arm lift package in the industry. The Rusty's Advanced kit will easily clear 33inch tall tires while taking off-road performance to a whole new level!

Rusty's used computer modeling to design coil springs that will retain the factory ride while providing the increased ground clearance required for off-road use. The front axle is secured with a pair of our beefy extended-length fixed lower arms and a set of our multi-holed fixed upper arms. These arms correct the wheelbase after being lifted and also bring caster back into proper specifications. The rear axle is properly located by a pair of our beefy extended lower control arms as well as a pair of adjustable rear uppers arms. This rear control arm set corrects the wheels base after being lifted, and the adjustable upper arms enable the pinion angle to be properly "dialed-in" so that driveline vibrations are eliminated.

The front and rear axles are properly centered under the vehicle with new heavy-duty adjustable track bars rather than inferior drop brackets The front track bar assembly also includes a heavy-duty new mount that strengthens the OE frame mount. A drop pitman arm is supplied to correct the steering geometry and to keep the tie rod ends from binding under extreme flex. Rusty's supplies stainless steel brake lines for better braking performance and to provide the extra length needed for a suspension lift. Rusty's Quick Disconnects are also included to unlock maximum flex off-road, yet they can be re-mounted in seconds for excellent on-road manners. A rear sway bar drop kit corrects the rear sway bar's operating angle. A complete set of Rusty's Hydro shocks that are valved for excellent on-road handling but with an emphasis on off-road use round out this suspension package.

To further enhance your ZJ's off-road prowess, Rusty's has a variety of additional upgrades available. Adjustable upper and lower control arms for the front axle allow the caster and wheelbase to be "dialed in," while adjustable rear lower control arms do the same for driveline angles. These adjustable arms are are available with forged rubber ends, which help prevent suspension noise and vibration from being transmitted to the engine compartment. They are also also available with forged Flex Ends, which are specially designed suspension joints that allow the suspension a much greater range of movement without binding in their mounts as the axles articulate.

• Front 5.5" Coil Springs
• Rear 5.5" Coil Springs
• Fixed Lower Front Control Arms
• Fixed Upper Front Control Arms
• Fixed Lower Rear Control Arms
• Adjustable Upper Rear Control Arms
• HD Adjustable Front Track Bar and Frame Mount
• HD Adjustable Rear Track Bar
• 1.25" Drop Pitman Arm
• Front Sway Bar Disconnects
• Rear sway bar link kit
• Front and Rear Stainless Steel Brake Lines
• Front Hydro Performance Shocks
• Rear Hydro Performance Shocks

IMPORTANT NOTE: The ZJ Grand Cherokee comes with several different styles of driveshafts. Some come with a standard CV (constant velocity) joint at the transfer case and a U-joint at the axle; this is good and if this is what your Jeep has because you don’t have to change anything. Others come with a CV at the transfer case and a Rezeppa type joint at the axle. If the front driveshaft is this style and you are lifting it, you will need to purchase our Front Driveshaft Conversion part #RD-DS01-UV. There are also some ZJ’s with a Rezeppa at both ends of the driveshaft; if your vehicle has this style you will need to buy the Rusty’s Driveshaft Conversion as well as the optional transfer case yoke. All of these driveshaft conversions and parts can be found on Rusty’s Driveline Page.

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