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PSC Motorsports Stage 5 Ram Assist Steering Kit - 95-02 TJ / XJ / YJ


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PSC Motorsports Stage 5 Ram Assist Steering Kit - 95-02 TJ / XJ / YJ


Fits 1995-2001 XJ Cherokee, 1995 YJ Wrangler, and 1997-2002 TJ Wrangler.

Big tires and locking differentials can overwhelm the factory power steering system. If you've found the front tires difficult to turn in certain situations on the trail or feel that the steering tends to wander on the street, then PSC's ram-assist steering system is the ultimate solution. More than just a beefed up pump and steering box, this ram-assist kit is a complete steering solution. This system maintains the mechanical linkage needed to keep your vehicle legal for street use but adds an additional assist steering ram that makes steering with big tires easy, similar to a full hydro system but better. Lesser systems on the market offer various ways to add a steering ram to the stock system, but in our experience all of these have some sort of major drawback. The components in this PSC system are all engineered to work together, from the specially ported box to the high-volume pump to the specifically-sized ram. This system is the best solution for anyone that wants to maintain effortless steering control on the street or trail.

This complete kit includes everything needed to mount all of the components and plumb the system. Note that welding and light fabrication is required to mount the assist cylinder to the steering system.

The Stage 5 Extreme Duty kit is recommended for off-highway driving and 37" or larger tires.

  • • Increases Brute Turning force
  • • Relieves stress on steering box and frame mounts
  • • PSC ram assist is the ultimate steering stablizer

  • • SG654-14R- Cylinder Assist Steering Gear
  • • PK1852- High-volume Pump with Remote Reservoir
  • • SC2207K- (1.75" X 6") Cylinder Assist Kit with Hardware
  • • HK2015- Gear Box to Cylinder Complete Hose Kit
  • • Maintains the use of the factory belt

PSC Motorsports strongly recommends the use of a power steering cooler with this system. Power steering coolers are available separately.

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