2022 Jeep Beach @ Daytona Speedway

Jeep Beach, Daytona Florida brought people from all across the US and some even further.   With all the sun, fun and outdoor life Florida brings the local Jeeps showed full Spirit with color, lights and music we don’t always see in the National forests of Alabama or Arkansas.   
Daytona’s International Speedway was filled with Jeeps early Friday morning, eager to make there way through the 200 plus vendors set up ready to show, explain and sell new wares for their Jeeps waiting in the parking lots.  The crowd poured through the gates Friday morning, free of the past years restrictions and worry.   Kids played in the sunny windy day.  
Rusty’s Off Road was set up next to General Tire, a perfect pair.  Every Rusty’s Jeep is outfitted with a set of General tires and General Tire Jeeps’ are set up with Rusty’s off Road Products.  
With four Jeeps at the event (392 JL, Rusty’s favorite Orange JL, my Gladiator and a Cherokee, from a friend that lives near  Daytona) questions were answered by showing what Rusty’s products look installed, how they functioned, and just how high a 4 inch or 6 inch lift is and you really can still hop in and drive.   The best was getting everyone to open the back door and see just how nice that tire carrier holds the weight of a tire and easy to open.  
We answered questions, just talked to some and every Jeep was covered.   Young to old… the one thing you can count on is Jeeps make everyone smile.   From flashy and loud to stocky and big we had something ready for everyone. Rock Rails, bumpers, steering system or seats from MasterCraft.  
One of the really great parts of the weekend was just how many people came up to thank us, Rusty, how much they loved what they had bought and how well it performed.   
We spent our evenings having a great meal and enjoying the friendship that has been built over the framework of a Jeep. 

-Jodi Phillips