Jeep Jamboree - 15th Big Horn Mountains Wyoming

I was excited to get away from the computer for a bit and get the Jeep on the road. This was the last hurrah of the Summer before my boys headed back to high school and college so we loaded up and headed  North from Denver. The drive was a little longer and windier than expected but it was smooth sailing and got exciting as we climbed out of Dayton into the Big Horn mountains. Beautiful views and lots of wildlife. 

Once we got near the staging area you realize you're really out in the middle of nowhere. No cell service, wifi and only a couple lodges. Not the norm, but a good change of pace and opportunity to disconnect and really focus on event. 

The check-in at Jeep Jamboree events is always like a reunion. Lots of smiles and friendly faces and a chance to reconnect. Many of the trail guides drive all over the country to help with each Jamboree and they're all a great group of characters that get you excited for the weekend. They're nothing but helpful making you feel at home, answering any questions and helping you pick the right trails for your vehicle or type of terrain. Oddly, none of the trail apps that I've used had anything listed in the Burgess Springs area so I really had no idea what to expect. We ended up on the Wilderness Trail on Friday and Shell Trail on Saturday. 

The morning breakfasts at Elk Lodge was really nice. So much good food to fill us up and then a build your own lunch bag. They really take great care of all the attendees.  Then the trail line-ups give you a good chance to really check out ALL the rigs in attendance. This year saw 84 rigs and there was a good variety. Always a little sad when there's no  XJs but there was some great vintage rigs as well as the new gen Cherokee. 

Wilderness took a bit to get to but was quite a beautiful trail that worked its way through a a forest of trees. It was a good opportunity for my boys to get some trail experience. Nothing too difficult for our setup but a couple areas that needed attention for tire placement on rocks and ruts for the smaller Jeeps. The water crossings were fun and a chance to clean the tires for just a second. We're still washing mud out of the beadlocks ;-)

Shell trail was our favorite. This one had a little bit of everything. Beautiful lake views, mountain top panoramas, some more difficult obstacles but bypasses to keep things moving along. Lots of photo opportunities throughout, just a trail that ticks all the boxes. 

Each night ends with another wonderful meal at Elk Lodge and the event ends with the awards ceremony which has lots of laughs and smiles as the weekend's highlights are showcased. 

As always, Jeep Jamboree really outdid themselves and put on another great event. This was a wonderful introduction to Wyoming wheeling and we can't wait for the next Jamboree exploring new areas and making new friends!

-Scott Brayshaw