Jeep Jamboree - 36th Ouray Mountains


2023. Ouray. Epic!

I didn't think anything would top last year's Ouray Jeep Jamboree. Having lived in Colorado for almost 3 decades, it's not often I get 'wowed' by the mountains. I've explored so much of the state but that trip to Ouray was my first time with the Jeep in the San Juans and I was blown away. This year I was looking forward to getting back and it was better than ever!

It was so great to catch up with the friends we made last year and all the new ones we made this year. You can't help but feel at home with the Jeep Jamboree community of like minded adventurers. The shared stories and daily memories shared during breaks on the trail and at dinner keep you smiling and the views are almost too much. Between the dramatic ledges, elevation gains, fall colors and varying geological colors and formations, it makes it hard to keep your eye on the road. Thankfully Kristina spent more time behind the wheel this year. She got more confident on obstacles and varying terrain and I was able to take in more of the details.

The entire Jeep Jamboree organization team and Trail Guides keep everything running smooth. Check-ins, line-ups, dinner and more are easy and entertaining. Nothing ever seems to be an issue which just makes the entire weekend fun and fulfilling. We opted for some of the easier trails this year but we're thrilled with the terrain scenery. Day 1 we ran Placer-Picayne and getting to see parts of Poughkeepsie (which we'd ran last year), but from a different angle, was double the fun as it immediately brought back memories. Yankee boy on Day 2 was really outstanding, I thought it might be a little boring technically, but we had a blast and the basins really made you feel like you were 'IN' the mountains even more. And as always, the trail guides we're full of info and history which embelishes the experience. The breakfast and dinner crew were outstanding as well.

The city of Ouray is fun and laid back and we enjoyed many conversation with local employees. They were all very welcoming and had nothing but good things to say about the Jeep Jamboree community. We took Imogene Pass out of town on Sunday and stopped for brunch in Telluride. You quickly see how all the small mountain towns are not created equal. It's beautiful but we're thankful that Ouray is where the event is centered.

Our General Tire Grabbers gripped and pulled us over everything. We didn't have to use the Warn winch but it's sure nice to have the piece of mind that it's there. The clean-up is a breeze with the Armorlite flooring too. NOTHING would go smoothly without our Midland radios either. Thanksful for these and all the Jeep Jamboree Sponsors. Having Tim from Spiderwebshade was a bonus on Day 1. He's a wealth of info and experience.

We'll never tire of showing what the Rusty's suspension systems can do, especially not in such an incredible area with such a good group of folks. If you're looking for your next adventure, it's hard to beat a Jeep Jamboree event and every one we go to just keeps getting better!