Jeep Jamboree Event Check List


After participating in countless Jeep Jamboree events across the United States we have compiled a check list of the items we believe everyone should carry to ensure a safe and fun Jeep Jamboree event. You will always want to check per event for any special items or preparations you need to make prior to the event as some events will provide meals and others you may have to provide your own meals. 



A basic first aid kit is essential. Remember you are in the middle woods, likely not close to a medical facility, so if you get cut or have an accident you will want to be able to treat it until you can get medical attention. Safety should be everyone's first priority. A good first aid kit should include the following:

    • Banaids
    • Alcohol Wipes
    • Nitrile Gloves
    • Cotton Gauze
    • Water (Stay Hydrated)


Basic Tool Kit

A basic tool kit is worth its weight in gold when you or someone else is broken down and a simple selection of tools can get the vehicle back operational. A basic tool kit should include the following at minimum. You can cut down the weight by only carrying the size tools that fit your vehicle. 


Food and Drinks

While many Jeep Jamboree events will provide meals, other events such as the overlanding events you will be responsible for all your own meals. Check when registering for your event to plan properly for your jamboree. We suggest taking the following items to all events regardless of meals being provided. 

    • Cooler
    • Water
    • Drinks 
    • Snacks (Crackers, Granola Bars, or similar items)
    • If you have a special diet needs make sure to prepare accordingly
    • Trash Bag (Please do not litter)


Self-Recovery Gear

While some recovery gear is required by Jeep Jamboree to participate there are some other gear items that may just save the day or make you the hero on the trail if any event arises. We have marked the required items below and list the other items we have found very helpful when needed.


Personal Care Items

The weather is unpredictable and some situations may arise where the weather decides to give you extremes from hot, cold, dusty, muddy and anything else mother earth decides to throw your way. It is essential to be prepared for these weather extremes. Consider these items for your next trip to ensure you are prepared. 

    • Rain Jacket
    • Hat
    • Sun Block
    • Lip Balm
    • Face Mask or Bandana 
    • Hand wipes



Clear communication is a must when on the trail no matter the situation to keep you safe and aware of upcoming obstacles. Jeep Jamboree requires that all participants have GMRS Radio installed to participate. We suggest checking out the following radios from Midland. These units are what we have installed in our shop rigs and have had excellent range with them all over the country. 



Armor & Skid Plates

While vehicle armor and skid plates are not required on all events. We would strongly encourage you to consider them to protect your vehicle and prevent more costly damage that could ruin your trip. If you are new to offroading this may seem like a costly expense but it will save you multiples more if they protect you from damaging your drivetrain in any way. 

    • Front and Rear Steel Bumpers
    • Rocker Armor / Rock Rails
    • Engine/Transmission Skid Plate
    • Transfer Case Skid Plate
    • Fuel Tank Skid Plate
    • Differential Covers


Be Prepared

It is important to be prepared when it is time to hit the trail. We recommend completing the following things prior to hitting the trails.

    • Properly maintain your vehicle.
    • Have a full tank of fuel
    • Grease all grease points
    • Check to ensure all hardware is in good working order
    • Check torque on all hardware