Jeep Jamboree - Texas Spur Bonus 2023

A hidden gem in Texas!

Rusty has always made the Texas Spur Jamborees as they're one of his favorites, so when I had the opportunity to drive down from Denver to attend as well I couldn't pass up the chance. 

For the special occasion, I decked the JLU out with some updated decals after going over everything and making sure the rig was ready for the adventure. I'm always up for a road trip and decided to take a route down eastern Colorado. Driving through the National Grasslands may not be the most scenic but it's always good to explore. Timing had me rolling through Texas at night so missed a lot of that scenery but was cool to see the massive amount of red lights across the horizon from the windmills. As a designer it was cool to see the light arrangements change as I drove through.

I caught up with Rusty and Nina Thursday night and had a nice dinner with them and our friend Kyle and his daughter Sofi (aka Sydney). Llano is a pretty small town but it's got some nice little dining spots.

As we lined up for the Orange Group on Friday morning we had quite a few JLUs that were running the Rusty's 3.75" Advanced Kit, HD Steering System, skid plates, rocker guard, bumpers and tire carriers. Trusted parts that get you there and back!

The line-up is a great chance to catch up with old friends and see what rigs everyone has brought to this event. There was a big group of Gladiators that came up from Mexico, with well built rigs and matching custom apparel. Quite a site and good to see so much fun being had.

I'm sure we'll have to argue with all the other groups, but Orange had the best Trail Guides! Jorge, Mo, Doug, Mike, Adam and Victor all seemed to be everywhere all the time, making sure everyone kept moving and easily traversing through the tougher obstacles. They really kept things light and had us all laughing at their jokes and banter throughout both days. It was good to hear their stories of how the Jamboree started at the Inks Ranch and how the trails were developed. Hats off to Victor who managed to not only guide everyone but also shoot photos and videos all day long!

The terrain was quite unique, a little bit like the rock formations in Moab but made from granite rather than slickrock sandstone. The traction was really good just about everywhere. Definitely not somewhere you'd want to lose your footing. The side rocks were quite rough. All the obstacles were in pretty close proximity so there was constant action. Steep climbs, big cracks, rocky traverses. So much fun. At the top of the climbs you were greeted with great views of the ranch while the lower section was green and full of trees and water crossings. Such a great variety. 

It's easy to forget that the only way to explore this terrain is through the Jeep Jamboree who has an agreement with the Inks family to use this land. If you have the opportunity we highly recommend you jump at the chance. It really is a premium event with unique and challenging trails.

Our General Tire Grabbers gripped and pulled us over everything. We didn't have to use the Warn winch but it's sure nice to have the piece of mind that it's there. The clean-up is a breeze with the Armorlite flooring too. NOTHING would go smoothly without our Midland radios either. Thankful for these and all the Jeep Jamboree Sponsors. 

While we only had a few members of the Rusty's team in attendance it really felt like a Rusty's customers run with all the rigs that were putting our parts to the test. We can't thank you all enough for your trust is Rusty's Off Road Products. 

Here's hoping to seeing you all again next year! (and hopefully some new faces)  #jeepfurther