Texas Spur Jeep Jamboree 2022

Jeep Jamboree’s Texas Spur is one of the favorite events of the year.  It is located at Inks Ranch in Llano Texas.  The landscape is a unique combination of high plains desert with large granite outcroppings mimicking the Moab landscape.  The Jeep Jamboree is the only time the Ink’s family opens the ranch for trail riding making it a unique opportunity.  
We arrived early on Thursday and got settled into one of the new RV spots at the Llano Communtiy center.  A perfect spot to watch everyone drive in, get settled and make sure their Jeep ready for the trails.    As usual, trail selection started a little early with everyone eager to rejoin their favorite group. We had a chance to reunite with trail guides and participants that we happily call friends before we made our way into town for dinner.   We found ourselves enjoying a great little Italian place right on the corner. 

Before the sun breaks the horizon, Jeeps begin to line up behind the colored flags.  One group at time, leaves in a long line of Jeeps to Inks Ranch.   We had perfect weather for tops and doors to be taken off and enjoy the cool Spring sunshine.  The heat held off until after everyone made it home.  

Inks Ranch has so much challenging terrain in close proximity. Everyone gathers around to help and watch as  a new obstacle is tackled.   If help is needed there are always plenty of hands, tools and, even a few spare parts on hand, like new a differential cover that was replaced along the trail go keep them with the group.   Jeeps follow along the creeks and over the hills to granite step up ledges, long steep climbs, and drop offs.  A few challenges are more difficult and optional, like “Rosie’s Revenge”.  Rosie has taken her revenge on a few,  but the challenge and making it over the top is worth it!  

Everyone that returns has their favorite trail or part of the Ranch.   For Rusty, he will tell you, it is the people and the chance to put the Jeeps to the test.  More than once he has left and headed to shop Monday morning with a design change or new product in mind. The design team knows it is their time to get to work! 

If you are lucky enough to make your way to the small town of Llano, Texas for the Jeep Jamboree, you will probably see Rusty in his favorite Jeep, some hard working guides, and some great food. It is definitely a highlight of our year  and a trip we will make many more times. Making memories and friends… it is the best part of having a Jeep. 

-Jodi Phillips