Why Buy Aftermarket Jeep Accessories?

Aftermarket Suspension

  • Improved handling and stability: Aftermarket suspension systems can provide better control and handling on challenging terrain, making the driving experience smoother and more enjoyable.
  • Increased ground clearance: Upgrading the suspension system will provide clearance for larger tires, allowing the vehicle to navigate over larger obstacles.
  • Improved off-road capabilities: With increased ground clearance, a lifted vehicle can tackle tougher trails and obstacles, providing a more capable off-road vehicle.
  • Better off-road performance: A suspension lift kit can also improve the vehicles approach, departure, and breakover angles, allowing for improved performance in off-road situations.


Aftermarket Steering

  • Improved durability and longevity: Aftermarket Steering Systems are designed to meet the abuse of off-roading by using heavy wall steel tubing or solid bar aluminum. The tie rod ends forgings are larger than the stock steering to prevent bending or failing under load.
  • Improved handling and predictability: Upgrading the steering system will provide better control and predictable when driving. The aftermarket steering system being built from materials that do not deflect underload. The factory steering system made from thinner tubing may flex which is felt by the driver.
  • Improved Safety On-road and Off-road: An aftermarket steering system will be much more reliable after a weekend of abuse on the trail. Though it is not impossible to damage or bend a component, the likely hood is greatly reduced. In the event that something does get damaged you can generally still get the vehicle off the trail and drive the vehicle home or to a local shop for repair.


Aftermarket Bumpers

  • Provides better protection: Aftermarket Bumpers offer better protection for your vehicle in case of a collision with an obstacle on the trail. Generally made from heavy duty materials like steel or aluminum plate they will take more abuse and provide better coverage.
  • Improved clearance: Many aftermarket bumpers will offer improved approach and departure angles allowing you to tackle tougher terrain and obstacles offroad.
  • Improved Recovery Points: Aftermarket bumpers will provide a stronger and better positioned recovery points for self-recovery or helping a fellow off-roader. These mounting points are generally made from heavier steel plate and tie into the frame rails to safely distribute the load.
  • Improved Functionality: Many aftermarket bumpers come with built-in features such as winch mounts, light mounts, and D-rings recovery points. All of these enhance your Jeep's off-roading capabilities and functionality.


Aftermarket Tire Carriers

  • Improved strength and durability: Adding a larger tire to the factory tire carrier that was not designed to support the additional weight of larger tires can cause costly damages. By using an aftermarket tire carrier designed specifically for the additional weight of larger tires and gear, you improve the durability of your tire carrier.
  • More adjustability and functionality: An aftermarket tire carrier will generally allow for more adjustment to accommodate many different tire sizes and wheel backspacing options. They also provide the strength and mounting surfaces to attach other accessories such antenna mounts, jerry cans, jacks, and other offroad accessories.


Aftermarket Skid Plates

  • Protection of critical components: Skids plates protect the undercarriage of your vehicle vital components from damage caused by rocks, logs, and other obstacles on the trail. The most common skids include the engine, transmission, transfer case, and fuel tank skid.
  • Increased durability: Skid plates are often made from durable materials, such as steel plate and provide better coverage of the vital components than being left unprotected or factory skids plates may cover.
  • Cost Savings: While skid plate are often over looked by many beginners in off roading. For the price of a quality skid system you could easily save your self many multiples of this price in prevented damages. Think of it as good insurance, that can also prevent you from trip ending trail damage that cannot be fixed easily on the trail. 



Aftermarket Rock Rails

  • Protection of your vehicle: Rock Rails provide added protection to both the body and undercarriage of your vehicle while off roading. They act as barrier between the vehicle and obstacles on the trail that can cause damage to the vehicles side and bottom.
  • Improved function: Some rock rails are designed to make entry and exit of the vehicle much safer and easier, by providing a surface to create a step. This step can also be useful to access gear on the roof or while removing the top of the vehicle.


Aftermarket Accessories

  • Self-Recovery Gear : Many aftermarket accessories are designed for self-recovery uses or to make you the hero to help a fellow off-roader in need. A reliable winch, tow straps and tree savers, d-ring shackles, jack and gloves will help get most any vehicle out of a tough situation.
  • Tire Maintenance and Repair: Many tires are made to great standards these days and tested in some of the roughest terrain, however accidents still happen. If you run too low of air pressure and knock the tire of the bead or simple puncture the tire you will want to have a decent tool kit with you to fix the tire. There are many great tire repair kits that will include a valve core tool, spare valves, repair cords, reamer, insertion tool, and pliers.
  • Jack: Most vehicles come with a standard jack to change the factory size tire, however once the vehicle has had larger tires installed this jack becomes useless and can cause unsafe jacking techniques. A jack designed for the height of the vehicle in order to change a tire or to allow access to do a trail repair is a must.
  • Recovery boards: Recovery boards are a great tool to help get a vehicle unstuck from challenging terrain such as mud, snow, or sand. The boards provide a sold and stabile platform for the tires to grip and drive over. They can be used as alternative to tow straps or winch when there may not be something you can safely anchor from.