RustysRigs - Tommy Metzler

The Base

  • Owner: Thomas Metzler @screaming_bansheejt
  • Year & Model: 2021 Gladiator
  • Engine/Transmission: 3.0L EcoDiesel & 8 Speed Auto Transmission
  • Why Rusty's Off-Road: USA Made; designed, engineered, and manufactured in house; and the best customer service in the game. All Rusty’s components continue to amaze and impress me every drive down every road, and every single rock I climb.



  • Fenders: Chopped High Line OEM Fenders
  • Rocker Armor: OEM Rocker Guards
  • Bestop Sunrider Top

Skid Plates

  • Skid: Diesel Filter Skid


Interior & Accessories

  • Upgraded Katzkin Leather Seats from Factory