Rusty's Heavy Duty Lower Control Arm Mounts


  • Brand: Rusty's Off Road Products
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  • Part Number: RC-LCM1

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Take a look at the lower control arm mounts on the front axle of your rig; most likely they are twisted, bent, and maybe even ripped. The factory mounts are made of thin gauge metal that is simply not up to even moderate trail use. In most cases, the mounts start to deform after just one good trail ride.

After we bent the LCA mounts on several trail rigs here at Rusty's, we set about solving the problem for good while at the same time offering more options. Our new replacement mounts are made of 1/4" thick laser-cut steel. The mounting holes for the LCA's are slotted and use cam bolts, which allows more caster adjustment. This adjustability enables you to "dial-in" the proper handling of your vehicle without changing the length of the lower control arms. These mounts are designed for all Dana 30 & 44 axles using control arms.

Buyer Beware! We've discovered a foreign company has begun copying a number of our parts. Don't accept foreign knock-offs; Only Rusty's offers Made in the USA quality!

Price is per pair.

• Constructed of 1/4" thick steel
• Slotted mounting holes accept cam bolts for fine-tuning caster
• Works with all ZJ, XJ and TJ Dana 30 / Dana 44 axles
• Made in the USA

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