Rusty's FSJ 2" Full Size Add-A-Leaf Lift Kit


  • Brand: Rusty's Off Road Products
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Part Number: RK-200AL-FS-RX1

Add-a-Leafs are a great, inexpensive way to lift your vehicle in small amounts. They can also be used to put new life back into your vehicle's existing spring packs. Adding a heavy front accessory, such as a winch or snow plow, can cause the front of the vehicle to droop, and installing a pair of Rusty's AAL's will help even things out again. Rear spring fatigue is common on older vehicles, and Rusty's Full Length AAL's will boost the springs without sacrificing ride quality.

• 4 - Full Length Add-A-Leafs
• 4 - Rusty's Hydro Shocks
• Complete Instructions

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