Rusty's Rear Lower Control Arm Axle Side Skid Plates - JL Wrangler


  • Brand: Rusty's Off Road Products
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Part Number: RA-JS5570-JL

The rear lower control arm mounts on the JL hang low on the axle and are vulnerable to trail damage; it doesn't help that they're made out of relatively thin material. Rusty's Rear Lower Control Arm Axle Side Skid Plates reinforce these easily damaged mounts and they bolt into place! That's right, no welding is required. Constructed of 1/4" laser-cut steel that is then CNC formed for a precision fit, these skid plates grab the control arm bolt on either side of the mount and provide a beefy skid plate as well as a ramp that can help push the mount up and over obstacles rather than getting hung up and stopping you cold. These skid plates reinforce the lower control arm mount without interfering with the control arm's ability to move within the mount. Images are painted black, the parts are shipped Raw, since it is a skid and rocks and stumps could damage a good paint or powder coating we have left it up to you to either spray them black or some custom color.


Fitment Note: Please note that this product is not compatible with the use of shock extension brackets. 

Sold in pairs.

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