ARB Tred Pro Recovery Boards


  • Brand: ARB
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Part Number: TREDPROMGO

Universal TRED Pro™ Recovery Boards by ARB®. TRED is the ultimate all-in-one off road recovery device, specially designed to get your four-wheel drive, ATV and equipment out of trouble when traction is lost in sand, mud, sludge, or slime. Engineered and manufactured in Australia from only the highest quality materials, TREDs are designed to handle intense levels of torque, flex, weight and impact. Intense reviews of every fine detail in the design process make TRED the best choice for your recovery. With a designated shovel feature, extreme hex grip nodules, aggressive ramp entry teeth and ultimate wear resistant properties, TRED will allow you to explore with confidence, without letting traction disrupt your journey.


  • Superior Ramp design Engineered specifically for optimum vehicle recovery in all conditions
  • Ergonomic Handles Integrated design provides maximum grip, comfort and control
  • Superior grip features Designed to maximise traction and reduce strain on your vehicle
  • Unique four Channel Design For maximum structural integrity and improved performance capabilities
  • Underbelly traction The unique underside pattern reduces ground slippage in extreme conditions
  • Aggressive Teeth design Lock aggressively onto your tyre to combat the effects of wheel-spin
  • Revolutionary Shovel feature Clear debris and obstructions for optimum TRED placement prior to recovery linking and Mounting points Link multiple TREDs during recovery or mount securely to your vehicle
  • Superior material Extremely durable polyolefin material specifically engineered for TRED


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