Dana 35 1330-Series Axle Pinion Yoke


  • Brand: Dana Spicer
  • Availability: Out Of Stock
  • Part Number: 4746835

Some Jeep Wrangler YJs used an "unusual" 1330-series rear axle yoke, while most other YJs and all other Jeep Dana 35 applications used a more common 1310-series yoke. If you have a 1330-series yoke and need a replacement, this is what you need. Note that if you are changing the driveshaft we strongly recommend converting to the much more common 1310-series, even though it is nominally weaker, mostly due to parts availability. 

If parts availability and in-field repairs are a priority, it is better going with 1310-Series, such as our Heavy-Duty Dana 35 Yoke.


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