KC HiLites Cyclone LED Light Kit - Clear Lens


  • Brand: KC HiLites
  • Availability: 5 In Stock
  • Part Number: KC-350

KC HiLiTES Cyclone LED light kits are multi-functional light accessories that produce a bright beam of illumination that can be used as an interior light dome, under the hood, or they can be used as a multi-purpose light source for rock crawling. These sleek, compact LED light kits offer many lighting and mounting possibilities and include hardware for mounting.

Additional features and specs include:

  • 5.0 watts
  • Die-cast aluminum base provides strength, rigidity while providing great heat dissipation
  • Impact resistance polycarbonate hard coated lens
  • Runs on 6 V/16 V
  • Attaches with Dzeus clip, or other hardware
  • IP68 rated for water resistance
  • Protected against RFI/EMC Interference

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