Lube Locker Differential Gasket - Dana 44


  • Brand: Lube Locker Gaskets
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Part Number: LLR-D044

Fits Dana 44 Front and Rear differentials.

Are you tired of messy RTV silicone that has to be scraped away every time you want to inspect the gears in your differential or when you want to simply change the fluid? Have you had enough of paper or cork gaskets that weep or need to be sealed by the aforementioned silicone? Lube Locker gaskets are the solution!

Lube Locker gaskets combine the best of both worlds: a gasket that installs like conventional paper or cork and seals like silicone without the messy cleanup! Lube Locker differential gaskets are constructed of a proprietary base gasket material that is then impregnated with an orange elastomer that mimics silicone in its sealing properties, but without all of the mess. Lube Locker gaskets absorb impacts that can shift to the differential cover when they get hit by trail obstacles, yet they maintain their seal and keep water and contaminants out while maintaining an effective seal that prevents gear oil from seeping out of the differential housing. When installed on clean, grit-free gasket surfaces, and torqued correctly, Lube Locker gaskets can be reused multiple times. These are a must for those that run in the mud, deep water, or any application in which differential covers need to be removed for inspection or the fluids need to be changed frequently.

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