Motive Gear Dana 44 Ring & Pinion Set


  • Brand: Motive Gear
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Part Number: D44-373

Fits standard rotation Dana 44s that are NOT in TJ Wranglers, LJ Wrangler, or JK Wranglers. These gears fit all "older" Dana 44s such as those found in FSJs, some CJ-5s, some Chevy trucks, Scouts, etc. DO NOT ORDER THESE FOR TJs or JKs; they will not fit..

Motive Gear Performance Series Ring & Pinion sets are constructed of quality 8620 steel that is precision CNC-machined throughout and subjected to a computer-controlled heat treatment process. They are also double lapped, have index tooth spacing and central contact patterning. This High Performance Series comes in a huge range of ratios. These gears are used in stock car racing, drag racing, the toughest off road racing, sports cars, muscle cars, trucks and everyday automobiles when the driver demands the highest quality and performance.

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