Powertrax No-Slip Taction System - Dana 35 ('84-'93)


  • Brand: Powertrax
  • Availability: Out Of Stock
  • Part Number: 9204352705

Fits open differential cases. Will not work with Trac-Lok or any limited-slip differential case.

For vehicles that are driven daily, the Powertrax No-Slip Traction System is the latest design in quiet traction-adding differential technology. It combines the automatic street-friendly smooth operation of a limited-slip differential with the traction performance of a locking differential.
A precise synchronization mechanism eliminates the ratcheting sounds typical of other automatic locking differentials. Special gear and spring designs reduce the backlash and, therefore, driveline windup. Only 9310 ultra-strength material is used, which is stronger than titanium.
Installation is simple because no ring and pinion set-up is required. In addition, no special tools or oils are needed. Step by step instructions are provided with every kit.



  • Differential Case Type - Dana 35 Axle (Open Differential Cases Only)
  • Fits: C-Clip 
  • Axle Spline Count - 27

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