RCV Axle Tube Seals For Dynatrac 44 ProRock 3"x 5/16" Axle Tubes (2-3/8" Bore)


  • Brand: RCV Performance
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Part Number: D44SK-PROK

Keep the dirt and grime out of your Dynatrac Dana 44 ProRock axle tubes with RCV Dana 44 tube seals. The kit comes complete with 2 re-buildable tube seals, each with 3 O-ring seals on the outer and 2 washer seals on the inner. Rebuilding these seals is quick and painless. Easy access Zerk fitting is located on the sides to inject grease. Orange anodized for beauty.


Fitment Note:

  • Made to fit the Dynatrac's 44 ProRock with 3"x 5/16" axle tubes. Please see D44SK for standard Dana 30 & 44 axle housings & ProRock with the .5" heavy tube wall option.


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