Rusty's HD Front Track Bar Bracket - JK Wrangler


  • Brand: Rusty's Off Road Products
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  • Part Number: RC-RAMTB66-JK

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The JK Wrangler is very popular these days, but extreme trail use has led to the discovery of several weaknesses with the factory design. One of the most prevalent has been the factory track bar bracket at the axle, which is constructed of thin stamped steel that is welded to the front axle. With heavy use, this bracket has proven to be weak and can rip right off the axle and leave you stranded. This is alarming considering the extreme stresses a track bar mount sees on and off the trail, and track bars are a critical part of the suspension system. The mounts properly locate the axle from side-to-side, and when a mount fails it will cause a loss of steering control, among other scary situations.

Rusty's HD track bar mount is designed to replace the weak factory piece. Constructed of 1/4" thick steel that is then CNC formed for a precision fit, this mount dwarfs the factory piece! This mount can be used to replace a damaged factory mount and can also be adapted to accommodate a custom axle swap. It will accept the factory track bar and steering stabilizer, along with suitable HD aftermarket replacements. The bracket offers peace of mind when the going gets rough and is Trail Tested Tough!

Please note that cutting and welding is required for installation.


  • Constructed of 1/4" thick steel
  • CNC formed for a precision fit
  • Accepts factory track bars and steering stabilizers or aftermarket replacements
  • Welding is required for installation
  • Made in the USA

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