Rusty's Outboard Rear Shock Conversion Mounts


  • Brand: Rusty's Off Road Products
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Part Number: RC-RAM670

  • Welding Required Badge

Please note this shock conversion requires extensive fabrication and welding skills for installation. Cutting the vehicle frame is required.

One of the biggest challenges when doing a wheelbase stretch or long arm conversion on TJs and LJs is the location of the rear shocks. The factory mounting location places the shocks inside the framerails and just ahead of the fuel tank, and this often creates clearance problems when moving the rear axle back in order to increase wheelbase. Some fuel tank conversions also create clearance problems, and the rear shock location also makes exhaust routing difficult with a long arm system. Last but certainly not least, the factory rear shock mounts limit shock length.

Knowing all of the problems and limitations with the rear shock mounts, Rusty's sought a solution that would work for extreme Jeepers wanting to make radical modifications to their rigs. The best "fix" is to move the shocks "outboard," or outside the frame rails. However, there's not enough clearance in the wheel wells to simply weld some tabs to the outside of the frame. Rusty's Outboard Shock Conversion notches the frame and allows the rear shocks to be recessed into the frame, allowing plenty of clearance for the shock to move while also raising the upper mount so that a longer shock can be installed. Rusty's conversion is constructed from 1/4" laser-cut steel that has been CNC formed for a precise fit. The outside of the upper bracket also has a laser-etched line so that you know exactly where to cut the frame and line up the Rusty's mounts. This kit includes a pair of upper mounts, misalignment spacers for the shocks, lower shock tabs, and all of the necessary mounting hardware. Please note that shock absorbers are NOT included.

  • Upper and lower shock mounts and tabs are constructed from 1/4" thick laser-cut steel
  • Upper shock mount design gussets the frame for strength while allowing clearance for a longer shock
  • Misalignment spacers and bracket width allow for fore and aft movement of the shock as the suspension cycles
  • Laser-etched line provides precise placement of the mounts in the frame
  • Lower mounting tabs are included
  • Conversion includes components to do the driver and passenger side

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