Rusty's XJ Rear Spring Mount Reinforcement Brackets


  • Brand: Rusty's Off Road Products
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Part Number: RC-RAM3331

Designed for 84-01 XJ Cherokees, Rusty’s Rear Spring Reinforcement Brackets were created after we had several problems with rocks beating the area where the rear springs bolt to the frame on our trail Cherokees. This mount is under a lot of stress during extreme flex when crawling on the trail and even more when jumping with a pre-runner XJ. The Rusty’s reinforcement bracket strengthens this area and will protect the spring mount when rocks and boulders bash this area. The bracket also supplies rocks and trail obstacles with a "ramp" to slide off of the mount rather then getting hung on it and stopping forward progression.

The Rusty’s reinforcement brackets are precision laser cut of 3/16" thick steel and are CNC formed for a precise fit. The brackets bolt into places but can also be welded on, which is recommended for severe duty applications. This inexpensive product provides great protection and a trouble-free installation.

These are sold raw steel

Sold in pairs.

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