Rusty's Airtube - XJ Cherokee


  • Brand: Rusty's Off Road Products
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Part Number: RP-AT11-XJ

Get rid of that restrictive factory air box! Engines are basically air pumps, and eliminating restrictions to either the intake or the exhaust means more power!

Rusty’s Air Tube is one of the easiest ways to get more air to the engine. They are about as simple as it gets, yet they do the same job as other products on the market that cost five times as much. Rusty’s Air Tube can be installed in about 10 minutes and replaces the stock air box and its paper filter with a high-flow cone-style filter. It essentially adapts the factory intake tube to accept a better, higher-flowing air filter. Installation requires only common hand tools, and no cutting or drilling is required. We have seen gains of up to 5-10 horsepower depending on the application, not to mention improved fuel economy!

Rusty’s offers different filters to work with the Air Tube, and these filters are sold separately. The 4.5”x5” / 6" x 6" filters offer plenty of flow for 4- and 6-cylinder engines, while the larger 6”x9” is recommended for V-8 engines or those applications with enough room to run the larger filter.

This kit is NOT designed for carbureted engines. Air Tube Kits will work on U.K. versions of the XJ as well.

• Easy Bolt-On Installation
• Eliminates Intake Restrictions
• More Power and Fuel Economy
• Allows the Installation of a Washable K&N Filter
• Filters Sold Separately

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