Rusty's D-Ring Mounts - Rear - TJ


  • Brand: Rusty's Off Road Products
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Part Number: RR-RM100-TJ

Finally! A simple-to-install rear recovery mount for TJ owners that are concerned about departure angle and don't want the added hassle of a rear bumper!

Rusty's is always looking at the latest trends, and lately it seems that a lot of TJ owners are leaving their spare tires, spare tire carriers, and even rear bumpers at home in favor of lighter weight and better departure angles. However, deleting the rear bumper also means not having a solid rear recovery point as well...until now, that is!

Rusty's rear TJ D-Ring mounts clean up the back of the frame on a TJ while providing two solid recovery points that are easy to install and bulletproof! The system starts with 1/4" laser-cut steel that mimics the rear crossmember and ties into the two frame rail mounts. The recovery points themselves are constructed of 3/4" laser-cut steel and are solidly welded in place with our robotic welder. We even include frame reinforcement plates that tie in the framerails to the factory crossmember and our "new" crossmember. The whole assembly substantially beefs up the thin rear crossmember and provides two solid anchor points directly in line with the frame rails. Grade 8 hardware is provided to bolt the whole assembly in place, creating the ultimate rear recovery points with minimal hassle! It's simple, clean, and capable of standing up to the worst trail abuse you can throw at it! Powder coated in a gloss black for a great look and protection.

Please note that the D-rings (recovery shackles) themselves and related items are sold separately. This is for the frame mounting points only. Recommended individual D-Ring Part # 2546D-STR.


• Cleans up the factory rear frame section

• Ideal for those that don't want to run a rear bumper / tire carrier

• Constructed of laser-cut 1/4" and 3/4" laser-cut steel

• All Grade 8 hardware provided for installation

• Crossmember-to-frame tie-in brackets included

• Powder coated in a glossy black for protection and a great look

• D-rings are sold separately

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