Rusty's Evaporator Skid Plate - 2012-2018 JK Wrangler


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  • Part Number: RA-JS812-JK

If you own a 2012 and Newer Jeep Wrangler JK, it’s not a question of if, but when, the evaporative canister will get damaged or entirely ripped off on the trail. For some reason the factory mounted the canister in an extremely vulnerable spot on the undercarriage near the middle of the vehicle. There are some relocation kits on the market that move the low-hanging canister to a safer location, but this can cause check engine lights and also may not be legal in some states. Fortunately, Rusty’s Off-Road Products has an affordable solution that keeps the canister protected without altering the factory emissions system.

The emissions control system on the Jeep JK is extremely sensitive and will cause the check engine light to illuminate when it thinks there’s even the tiniest of problems. The evaporative canister (sometimes called the charcoal canister) is a critical part of the emissions system, yet Jeep engineers mounted it in a location where it is virtually guaranteed to get snagged by rocks and other obstacles on the trail. Damage to the canister can cost hundreds of dollars to fix, not to mention causing a lot of aggravation.

Rusty’s Evaporative Canister Skid Plate provides effective and affordable protection without the need to alter any of the factory emissions system. Constructed of 3/16” thick steel, the skid plate provides 100% coverage of the canister and keeps it safe from harm. Best of all, the skid plate utilizes factory mounting holes, so installation is a simple, no-drill operation. A durable black powder coated finish ensures that the skid plate will keep looking good for years to come.

• Made in the USA
• Constructed of 3/16" thick steel
• Protects the Evaporative Canister from trail damage
• Leaves the canister in the factory location to prevent Check Engine lights
• Durable powder coated finish
• Easy bolt-on installation

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