• Brand: Rusty's Off Road Products
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Part Number: 10007-RH

The Rusty's Forged Flex Ends were designed and manufactured with quality, reliability, and strength as our first priority.

The Forged Flex Ends feature 1.25" x 12 RH threads, locking jam nut, Delrin bearing races, and a chromed spherical bearing. These outer casing of the forged ends offers over 100,000 psi of strength. No wimpy snap rings here, Rusty’s was the first to design and manufacture an end without snap rings; we use only threaded adjustable retainers that are CNC machined for a perfect fit. The adjustable spanner nut allows you to dial in the perfect amount of pre-load. To adjust the pre-load, simply tighten the spanner nut to the desired pressure, line up the groove in the preload nut with the set screw, and then tighten the set screw.

The Delrin races provide high strength and a superior fit while being much more durable than other poly style races. The plated Chrome Moly (short for Chromium Molybdenum) spherical bearing offers long life, high strength, and adds to the end assembly's great flex. All rod ends come with grease fittings. Be sure to grease the joints regularly for a lifetime of quiet, reliable service.

Since all moving parts wear, Rusty's offers inexpensive rebuild kits for all the moving parts of the joint.

Products Specifications:

  • Joint Diameter – 2"
  • Thread Size - 1.25" x 12
  • Mounting Width – 2", designed to be direct replacements for Jeep control arms
  • Bearing Bore Hole – 7/16"

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