Rusty's Front Driveshaft Conversion - WJ & ZJ


  • Brand: Tom Woods Custom Driveshafts
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Part Number: RD-DS01-UV

Whether you are lifting your WJ or ZJ Grand Cherokee or simply trying to eliminate driveline noises and vibrations on a stock Grand Cherokee, Rusty's Driveshaft Conversion is the solution! This kit converts the front driveshaft to a conventional Constant Velocity (CV) joint at the transfer case and a traditional U-joint at the axle. The kit includes a new driveshaft assembly, a yoke for the axle, U-joint straps, and bolts. Note that you will need to verify which style of driveshaft the vehicle has as well as measure the length of the driveshaft (information below). Again, this conversion works with both stock and lifted applications!

Please Note: We send yoke(s) first , then send driveshaft once customer calls with measurement of shaft.

Any driveshaft over the length of 36 inches must be made of larger tubing and there is an up charge of $70.00. Rusty’s Off Road Products makes every effort to ensure product compatibility with all vehicles listed but due to unknown auto manufacturer changes and inconsistencies by the auto manufacturers, Rusty’s cannot be responsible for 100% compatibility. With this said, we suggest that to make sure you get the correct driveline, order the Front Driveshaft Conversion and we will send the Yokes ordered, once it is installed, measure for the driveline with the vehicle at ride height, measure from yoke to yoke and give our order desk a call, inform us of the measurements and we will send the correct driveline. If you decide that you must get the driveline as quick as possible with the Yokes, Rusty’s Off Road will do everything possible to get you the correct driveline, If for some reason we get it wrong, we will be glad to swap it out. Rusty’s will not be responsible for shipping in swapping the driveline in either direction.

The WJ and ZJ Grand Cherokee comes with several different styles of driveshafts. Some come with a standard CV (constant velocity) joint at the transfer case and a U-joint at the axle; this is good and if this is what your Jeep has because you don’t have to change anything. If you have a different configuration, here is what you need:

• A CV at the transfer case and a Rezeppa type joint at the axle (see pictures above) requires a new Axle Yoke only.
• A conventional U-joint at the axle and a Rezeppa at the transfer case requires a Transfer Case Yoke only for an additional $49.
• A Rezeppa at both ends of the driveshaft requires Axle and Transfer Case Yokes for an additional $89.

Please verify which front driveshaft configuration you have to be sure you order all of the needed components to complete the conversion.

Please Note:
Measuring the length of the front driveshaft is required. This must be done after any suspension modifications completed and with the full weight of the vehicle on the suspension. See diagram for how measurements should be taken.

Under the vehicle, take a measurement from the yoke coming from your Transfer Case to the yoke on your axle. See the illustration above. Call us with the measurement and we will send out your new driveshaft ASAP.

Make sure to take the measurement with the vehicle weight on the suspension.

Kit Includes:
• DriveShaft
• U-Joints
• U-Joint Straps
• Yoke

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