Rusty's JK Wrangler 2" Plus Kit


  • Brand: Rusty's Off Road Products
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Part Number: RK-200D-JK-RUB-RX1

Rusty's 2" Plus suspension kit delivers excellent on- and off-road performance with the bonus of greater adjustability. It is designed to retain the JK's good on-road manners while adding articulation that delivers reliable performance in the toughest conditions. Designed using 3-D computer modeling and subjected to severe testing in the field, Rusty's 2" suspension kit provides the clearance needed for 33-inch tall tires, and 35-inch tall tires with some trimming and/or aftermarket fenders.

The Rusty's Plus kit starts with everything that is included in our Basic kit. This includes our replacement front and rear coil springs that are designed to deliver the same ride as the factory but with an emphasis on better off-road capability. The axles are properly centered under the frame with our front and rear adjustable track bars, and a complete set of Rusty's Performance Shocks provide the on-road ride quality you've come to expect with the off-road performance you desire. Then the "Plus" kicks in with a set of our adjustable front and rear lower control arms. These arms are heavy-duty, constructed with heavy-wall 2-inch DOM tubing that is mandrel bent to provide necessary tire clearance. The forged adjustable ends use massive 1.25-inch threads for even more strength. The fixed ends of the arms feature OEM Clevite rubber bushings for superior longevity and quiet operation, while the adjustable forged ends are available with either OEM rubber or our Forged Flex Joints for additional bind-free suspension flex. Both the front and rear lower control arms are adjustable, allowing the user to fine-tune driveline angles, wheelbase, and caster.

To make the most of your lift kit, add our optional quick-disconnects to unlock substantial suspension articulation when on the trail! We also offer a quality Rusty's steering stabilizer for better handling on the street and better control of larger tires and wheels.

Make no mistake: This kits is a great value that covers all of the basics and adds some additional adjustability to fine-tune suspension performance. The quality of the parts used by Rusty's is as good as or better than kits twice the price! At Rusty's, our products have been Trail Tested Tough for over 30 years!

• Front Coil Springs
• Rear Coil Springs
• Front Adjustable Lower Control Arms
• Rear Adjustable Lower Control Arms
• Front Adjustable Track Bar
• Rear Adjustable Track Bar
• Your Choice of Rusty's Performance Shocks

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