Rusty's JK Wrangler Bolt-On Long Travel Upgrade


  • Brand: Rusty's Off Road Products
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Part Number: RK-LT200-JK

No Welding Required Badge

>So you already have a suspension kit and now you want a long arm kit? This is your kit! This is the same long travel arms and bolt-on brackets offered in our JK Bolt-On Long Travel Kit. As long as you have a minimum of 3 inches of lift to up to 8 inches of lift, this kit has everything you need. 

Rusty's JK long travel kit is the result of many hours of computer-aided design, prototyping in the shop, and extensive testing on the street and on the trail. We use our proven radius arm system in the front and four link rear. Unlike many other JK long-arm systems, Rusty's JK system can be installed in just about any garage.

We spent many hours developing our new long travel mounting brackets using our keyed and tabbed bracket technology. In simple terms, the .25" thick brackets are laser cut and CNC formed. Once formed on the press brake, the keyed and tabbed technology bracket simply snap together like a puzzle. This means precision fit and exact placement of all the individual components that make up the mounting brackets without the use of a jig.

The massive Rusty's control arms are constructed of 2" DOM tubing and use our Forged Flex Joints. These joints are adjustable to dial in castor and pinion angles, and can be serviced as well as rebuilt. Both the lower arm and the upper links are adjustable.

Key Features:
• 100% Bolt-On Installation; no welding required
• Great ride and handling
• All control arms are adjustable
• Fits 2 door and 4 Door JKs
• Latest design in fabrication
• Massive 2 inch DOM tubing
• Serviceable flex joints

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