Rusty's JL Wrangler 2" Performance Kit


  • Brand: Rusty's Off Road Products
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Part Number: RK-200P-JL-RUB-GAS

Not worried about being the first suspension kit for the new JL Wrangler, we wanted the best. Best in ride quality, handling, and articulation. We have done miles of testing in the desert and mountains of the west coast to the moss-covered mountain roads in Tennessee and North Carolina to the swamps of Florida and driven many highway miles in between. After doing this, we were confident to have the best coil spring design and knew our customers would appreciate having the best coil spring that could be built.

The design of the Rusty’s 2” coils for the Jeep JL suspension kit was done in collaboration with the engineers and manufacturing team at Eibach. With Rusty’s 40 plus years in the off-road and jeep industry and Eibach’s experience in coil spring design and manufacturing, we came up with a coil spring that offers remarkable handling manners, a quality ride around town, on the highway and even riding down an old red clay pothole road. These springs were started from scratch and are a totally different design and spring rate from the departing JK. This extensive development takes time and is costly to design and build. Beware of many manufacturers and their one-size-fits-all mentality by using springs that are designed for other applications. It's certainly cheaper to borrow designs from previous platforms, and it gets you to market more quickly, but that doesn't make it right.

The front and rear axles are properly centered under the vehicle with new heavy-duty adjustable track bars rather than inferior drop brackets that regularly break due to the leverage put on them. All of Rusty’s JL suspension kits come with the Rusty’s track bar frame brace, Jeep has had issues with the factory mount ripping from the frame, with the frame brace you can have peace of mind that you never will have a failure. The front and rear axles are secured by a set of Rusty’s beefy 2 inch DOM adjustable lower control arms. These arms correct the wheelbase after being lifted an enable the pinion angle and castor to be properly “dialed in”.

Due to manufacturing and powder coating since Covid we have received 2 inch JL coils powder coated in Eibach's company color silver. These are the same design coils we have always sold, just to keep production moving faster and simpler we are using the silver on 2 inch JL coils only. We hope we will be back to our black powder coating soon. 


  • Front Coil Springs
  • Rear Coil Springs
  • Adjustable Front Lower Control Arms
  • Adjustable Rear Lower Control Arms
  • Adjustable Front Track Bar
  • Adjustable Rear Track Bar
  • Front Track Bar Frame Mount Brace
  • Front and Rear Extended Sway Bar Links
  • Front Brake Line Extension Brackets
  • Front Upper and Lower Coil Spring Isolators


  • Collaboration with the engineers and manufacturing team at Eibach
  • Coils specifically developed from the JL, not borrowed from previous platform designs
  • Maintains factory ride quality while making room for a larger tire and wheel package
  • Adjustable front and rear lower control arms allow dialing caster and driveline angle
  • Extended front and rear sway bar links maintain factory sway bar functionality
  • Available shock absorbers are tuned to work with spring rate
  • Proudly Made in the USA

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