Rusty's JT Gladiator 4" Advanced Kit


  • Brand: Rusty's Off Road Products
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  • Part Number: RK-400A-JT-RUB-GAS

Rusty’s 4" Advanced Kit for the New JT Gladiator was specifically developed to deliver the on-road performance people expect from the JT combined with the ultimate flex and control off the pavement. We weren't the first JT kit to be released, but we feel we have the best. Where others rushed their prototypes to market with little to no testing, we invested the time and effort to thoroughly test everything. The result is what we feel is the best kit in the industry, and there's no need to accept anything less.

It was our job to design a complete suspension package that would ride as good if not better, not lose any of the outstanding road handling manners, while increasing the lift height for larger tires and add more suspension travel. We knew the challenge ahead of us wasn’t going to be quick, nor was it going to be easy. We also spent countless hours on the computer designing with 3-D modeling. Now we feel we have designed and engineered one of our best kits yet.

This extensive development takes time and is costly to design and build. Beware of many manufacturers and their one-size-fits-all mentality by using springs that are designed for other applications. It's certainly cheaper to borrow designs from previous platforms, and it gets you to market more quickly, but that doesn't make it right. Rusty’s JT coils springs were developed specifically for the JT Gladiator so that you can be assured the ride height of the vehicle will be correct, with no cheesy offset spacers needed to keep the vehicle level or reduce spring bowing. The Rusty’s 4" kit will give you the clearance on a JT Gladiator to fully flex it with 37-inch tires off road and not have any fender rub, no inner fender rub. You can also easily run a 40-inch tire, but bump stops are recommended for vehicles going off road.

The Rusty's coil springs along have hours and hours of research invested into them, this research was done with the on road ride in mind as well as getting every bit of articulation out of it on the trail. So when it finally came down to make production parts we knew what we wanted, we went with a linear design coil in the front and with a 3 stage progressive coil in the rear that is also side specific. We offer this for the gas and also for the diesel Gladiators too. Keeping specific model coils for gas and the diesel Gladiator ensures your vehicle will ride as good as it can and will also perform as good as it can. 

The Gladiator 4 inch Advance comes complete with all 4 sets of Rusty's massive and beefy adjustable control arms. Offered in both Rusty's rebuildable Flex Joints or Rusty's rubber bushings. 

Attention to detail with the Rusty's 4 inch Advance Kit is what separates this kit from the rest. Jeep had an issue when the JL Wrangler came out with the trac bar frame mount on the front cracking, Rusty's jumped right on this issue and designed and manufactured a frame brace so with the extra stress of the lifted vehicle and larger tires, it would eliminate the cracking while also reduce frame flex. All of Rusty's Gladiator kits come with this brace. The Rusty's Advance Kits also come with a front & rear brake line extentions, the rear also works as a double shear mount for the rear sway bar links. All of the Rusty's parts in this kit are proudly built in the USA. If you take the time to compare to any other kits in the industry, you will see why the Rusty's kit is more superior than others. 



  • Front 4" JT Coil Springs (SKU: RC-CS7888-JT)
  • Rear 4" JT Coil Springs (SKU: RC-CS7556-JT)
  • Adjustable Front Upper Control Arms with Forged Flex Ends
  • Your choice of Adjustable Front Lower Control Arms with Forged Flex Ends or Forged Rubber Ends
  • Your choice of Adjustable Rear Upper Control Arms with Forged Flex Ends or Forged Rubber Ends
  • Your choice of Adjustable Rear Lower Control Arms with Forged Flex Ends or Forged Rubber Ends
  • Adjustable Front Track Bar (SKU: RC-TB480-JLJT)
  • Adjustable Rear Track Bar (SKU: RC-TB490-JLJT)
  • Front Track Bar Frame Mount Brace (SKU: RC-TB7500-JLJT)
  • Front Extended Sway Bar Links (SKU: RC-SB480-JL)
  • Rear Extended Sway Bar Links (SKU: RC-SB490-JL)
  • Front Brake Line Extension Brackets (SKU: RB-BL30-JLJT)
  • Front Upper and Lower Coil Spring Isolators (SKU: RC-9179 and RC-9182)
  • Rear Brake Line Relocation / Sway Bar Double Shear Mount Kit (SKU: RC-SB5511-JT)



  • Application-Specific Coil Springs Front and Rear
  • Coils specifically developed from the JT, not borrowed from previous platform designs
  • Maintains factory ride quality while making room for a larger tire and wheel package
  • Adjustable upper and lower control arms with Forged Flex Joints front and rear for the ultimate in adjustability and flex
  • Extended front and rear sway bar links maintain factory sway bar functionality
  • Available shock absorbers are tuned to work with spring rate

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