Rusty's JT Gladiator Rear 4-Link Conversion Kit with Rear Lower Control Arms


  • Brand: Rusty's Off Road Products
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Part Number: R-FL2201-JT-FLX

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The Rusty’s JT Gladiator Rear 4 Link Conversion Kit is engineered to elevate your off-road adventures with unmatched performance and durability. Designed with precision and strength in mind, this kit features massive 2” DOM Upper and Lower control arms, ¼” thick precision laser cut steel and CNC formed truss and frame mounting brackets. This eliminates the need for a rear track bar and the new triangulated 4 link setup keeps the rear axle centered throughout the suspension cycle.

The frame reinforcement brackets give the upper and lower control arm mounts the strength to not flex while running down the road or the toughest trails you can find. The rear axle truss is designed to simply bolt into place with locating hole locations to weld it in to position. This makes for a guess free installation process while providing the maximum strength setup that the competitions bolt in truss cannot complete with. We tested bolt in designs and found that the sacrifice in strength is not worth the ease of installation, and inferior design.

The Rusty’s JT Gladiator Rear 4 Link Conversion Kit comes complete with Rear Lower Control Arms, Rear Upper Control Arms, Rear Axle Truss, Rear Frame Side Axle Mounts, and grade 8 mounting hardware.

If you already have Rusty’s JT Gladiator rear lower control arms or one of our suspension kits and looking to convert it to a triangulated 4 link, check out our Rusty’s JT Gladiator Rear 4 Link Upgrade kit.

Fit's all model Gladiator with V6 gas engines. 

Key Features:

  • Increased Upper control Arm Length
  • Increased Separation at the Axle for reduced pinion dive
  • Improved handling with the axle trailing the chassis
  • Improved on and offroad handling and performance
  • All Control Arms are adjustable
  • Made from massive 2” DOM Tubing
  • Serviceable flex Joints
  • Durable Black Powder Coated Finish (Excluding Rear Axle Truss)
  • Made in the USA!


  • Rear Upper Control Arms
  • Rear Lower Control Arms
  • Rear Frame Side Mounting Brackets
  • Axle Truss with Upper Control Arm Mounting Points
  • Grade 8 Mounting Hardware
  • Detailed Installation Instructions

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