Rusty's Leaf Springs - FSJ - 4" - Rear (pair)


  • Brand: Rusty's Off Road Products
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Part Number: RC-LS400R-FS

Made in North America, Rusty's leaf springs are among the best available today! Unlike other suspension companies that haven't changed their spring designs as technology has evolved, Rusty's has made several improvements to our springs over the years as spring manufacturing techniques get better. Rusty's does not offer different "basic" or "advanced" spring levels because our springs already come with all the bells and whistles included! Rusty's spring rates offer excellent on-road ride characteristics along with superior off-road performance.

All of Rusty's leaf springs are built with tapered leafs and anti-friction pads to reduce inter-leaf friction and provide a smooth, linear rate as the spring compresses. We also use bolt-style retaining clips that further reduce friction and maximize suspension travel. The individual leafs are shot-peened to reduce spring stress as well as improve memory (reduce sagging), and each spring is load-tested to ensure they meet Rusty's stringent specifications. We also use only the best rubber or polyurethane bushings available. We vary the bushing material used based on the individual application's needs; some vehicles require the extra rigidity and support of poly bushings for optimum handling, while others benefit from softer rubber bushings for quiet operation and longevity. Rest assured, we put over 30 years of experience and computer-aided modeling into every spring we offer!

Note that pricing is per pair. Bushings are included.

• Manufactured in North America
• Excellent ride and handling characteristics
• Tapered leafs with anti-friction pads
• Bolt-style retaining clips
• High-quality bushings

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